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False Heads, Masks, and Robots

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Four musical story time videos made for Arts Holding Hands and Hearts (AHHAH) in 2020-21.

Symbolic Gesture


Symbolic Gesture is electro-baroque refracted through the elemental eurhythmy of foundational beat patterns, with benjolin synthesizer, trombone, violins, chiptune, voices, and hyperlocal field recordings. Symbolic Gesture is: restraint • melodic subtlety • atmospheric control • peculiar metamorphosis. Symbolic Gesture invites travel to one's own most inner space.

Symbolic Gesture is a sonic response to Dan Rose's False Heads, Masks, and Robots (an exhibition produced by Melissa Grey & David Morneau at The Arches, a home designed by the architect William Lightfoot Price, October 2—November 16, 2020).This is the second response to Rose's work that Grey & Morneau have produced, the first is PETITE ecstasy, working with Rose's "The DNA-Photon Project" in 2018.

released November 21, 2020

composition, sound design, programming, mixing: Melissa Grey & David Morneau

Dan Rose: words and voice
Miolina (Mioi Takeda & Lynn Bechtold): violins

mixed and mastered by Melissa Grey & David Morneau at The Arches

produced by Flower Cat